Beef and Orzo

Beef and Orzo
An easy way to cook ground beef with pasta and kids will love it! Dina's Nikolaou recipe once again!


Beef soup

Beef soup

Here in Crete, the weather is finally beginning to act like autumn. Time to curl up under a cozy blanket and enjoy a warm bowl of beef soup. A slow cooking recipe, perfect for adults, kids, even for toddlers. It has a few ingredients, but a full flavor. It combines meat, vegetables and pasta (in this case, orzo).


Greek Burgers

Greek burgers

It's not rocket science, but they are to die for! An alternative way to serve homemade burgers. For the patties, I used the recipe found here, but I replaced the ground beef with ground pork.


Roasted pork belly

 Pork belly with greek herbs
Pork belly is a fatty meat, but if you cut it in pieces you can easily remove the excess fat. You get a crispy and juicy meat with all the flavors of the greek herbs.


Peperonata with feta cheese

Peperonata with feta cheese
The ultimate traditional summer dish from Italy. It can be served as a starter, a side dish or it can become a great sauce for a pasta dish.


Greek salad

Greek salad

My favourite, all time classic, salad is definitely Greek salad. It's smells like summer, and if you find good juice ripe tomatoes, good olives and good quality feta it will make it just wonderful. Use a wide plate instead of bowl so as the olive oil and vinegar is "touching" all the ingredients instead of being concentrate at the very depth of your bowl. While you eat, dip bread and do "papares" as it is called.


Kayanas with peppers

Kayanas - Scrambled eggs with peppers

Kayana is an omelette with tomatoes. In this mix you can add your favorite ingredient, like cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes. It's a very quick recipe, very easy and it’s considered a summer recipe, when the tomatoes are juicy. It’s a perfect children recipe because it’s made fast and with fresh ingredients.